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Fauna & the Moon is a family-owned business based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in high-quality handmade leather goods. Founded by Sarina, the team has grown to include her husband and their little helpers, their children.

Their commitment is to craft beautiful, functional leather products designed to last for generations.


Speedway shoe repairs

Speedway Shoe Repairs,

Mitcham, England, 1962

From Mitcham, England to Sydney, Australia

Fauna & the Moon's story begins in the quaint town of Mitcham, England, where Sarina's father, Mario, worked in his father's  "Speedway Shoe Repairs."

Surrounded by the smell of leather and the sound of tools, Mario developed a deep love for craftsmanship and quality.

Mario's Journey

Driven by a dream of warmer weather, a comfortable life and to create his mark in the world of shoemaking, Mario ventured to Sydney, Australia. In this bustling city, he established his own repair shop, aptly named "Mario's Shoe Service." With his skills honed in Mitcham Mario quickly gained a reputation for his meticulous workmanship and dedication to his craft. He passed that down to his daughter Sarina, who in turn developed her own deep love for craftsmanship and leather working.


Mario & Sarina


Sarina's First Singer Stitcher

A New Chapter: Fauna & the Moon

After spending a decade learning and mastering the art of shoe repair with Mario, Sarina was inspired to create her own leather goods. She opened Fauna & the Moon, a venture that blends tradition with innovation, offering handcrafted leather products that celebrate heritage and craftsmanship.


At Fauna & the Moon, we specialise in handcrafting high-quality products that add beauty to your everyday moments. We're passionate about the potential for charming, functional design to enrich your life and elevate the ordinary.

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